1. I am interested in your art, what are your rates?
Honestly, I have no idea what your project will cost you without getting some information about what you are looking for. The more I know about the project the more accurate my quote will be. Though I don’t need the full concept (if any) to give you a quote. Just what you are looking for in the artwork. If you have a budget that you need to stay at, by all means, let me know so we can work out a design to fit your budget. There are always options, and the results are always professional. I am easy to work with and I strive to make my clients happy with the artwork being produced.

2. Speaking of concepts, if a concept is provided, can you realize it?
Yes, though I am an artist first and tend to work more fluently if given the creative freedom. My best work is usually conceived from loose interpretations of an idea. The more accurate you want the concept visualized, the more time to realize it, resulting in more money needed to complete. If you are here because you have seen my work, than I assume you know what you are getting yourself into.

3. Do you have images for sale?

Yes, I most likely will have an image you may buy limited rights to at a cheaper rate. Just let me know which images you are interested in, I then can tell if it’s available or not.

4. How do we get started?

After we agree on a quote, I will need 20% of said quote as a non-refundable deposit to cover time spent on conceptualization up to first art proof. There is no kill fee. If you are not feeling the direction after a while, you may cancel at any time.  Please supply any logos, art references and/or text I may need in the design. Keep them within reason as there is such a thing as too much info! ;) One thing that is very useful, whatever printer you are going to use, getting me their guidelines for file setup at the start of a project is very beneficial to all involved, and avoids certain setbacks that may occur if this is not known ahead of time. All text should be finalized and formatted and any logos and barcodes should be vector art.

5. How long is this thing gonna take?
Most of the time, you just can’t rush these things, especially a one man show, that works full time, has family obligations and an annoying cat! I like to allow at least a week (sometimes two) for logo design, a month (sometimes two…ok most of the time, two) for cd art/booklet, poster art or requested personal imagery. It can fluctuate but I always meet your deadline.

6. Pro bono, ever heard of it?

Yes, and though I have done some free work in the past, it doesn’t pay my bills. There are some good causes out there that may need some help, sure I will gladly talk with them.  It is at my discretion if I think the time needed on a project is worth donating to certain areas. Also, if you are a band, and want a full cover of detailed artwork for $250…there are probably other artists that you may want to talk to. Now, if you mention ahead of time that this is your budget, maybe we can come up with something that we can both agree on.

7. I need a website, do you do that too?
Yes and no. Yes, I can do a website for you. No, it may not have all the bells and whistles like many of today’s sites as I am more focused on what I truly love doing, creating creepy odd images. :) That being said, my sites are very simple and designed more old school as I only use Dreamweaver to create the sites. Simple navigation, simple content management and simple galleries. Because of this, I am bargain priced when it comes to pricing. You get a nice looking, clean, fully functional site for a lot less than other sites. If that is what you are after, by all means, send me a message!

8. Can I steal your work?
Absolutely not! Any reproduction of my work without my consent is strictly prohibited. I am not afraid to take legal action especially if my work is used to create other works, is used for monetary gain and is credited as another artist’s work. If you like my work and want to share it on art related sites, facebook, pinterest, stumble upon and such, just give me proper credit with my name and website address to this site. In fact just copy and paste this:

Artwork by Phil Fensterer

Let me know you are doing this, I would be grateful for it. :)

I hope this FAQ answers most of your questions. I’m sure I will add something else but I think that’s it for now! Any other questions, feel free to contact me at:


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